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Watching our pets beats looking at our partners in a poll of the nation’s favourite (eye) sights[1] conducted to mark FrEYEday, a National Eye Health Week initiative, designed to get people taking better of their eyes.[2]

Our vision is so important, which is why it’s no surprise 83 percent of us say it’s the sense we’d least like to lose.[3] And, when asked about our favourite (eye) sights, watching our ‘children play’ came top, closely followed by looking at a sea-view and watching our be-loved pets at number three.

The sight of our partner trailed in at number five in the poll. Other favourites included scenic views such as the rolling countryside and the sunset, whilst sports fans voted seeing their team score and frazzled home workers admitted they couldn’t wait to see the clock strike 5pm on a Friday.

While we all cherish our eyesight, we’re not always good at looking after it. An incredible 50 percent of sight loss is...

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