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Lockdown may have left many women lacking confidence about how they look, but they are getting their body mojo back by booking naked photoshoots.
Bombarded daily by images on social media of ‘perfect’ bodies, and having spent a lot of time on Zoom and taking selfies over the last six months, it is hardly surprising that many of us have found ourselves obsessed with our ‘flaws’ and feeling less than fabulous about how we look.
It is no secret that calls to helplines and support groups concerned with body image increased during lockdown, and a body image survey conducted by the Mental Health Foundation for Mental Health Awareness Week in 2019 revealed that over a third of adults have felt anxious or depressed about their appearance.
Alexandra Vince, the pioneer of naked photoshoots in the UK and founder of FYEO® Portraits is not surprised, she said: “If you stop and think about it for a moment, does it come as such a surprise? Have we not all, at one time or...

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