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Eagerly Anticipated Customer Premises IAD with eXpedite Technology
Sets New Broadband Performance and Functionality Benchmarks

Wokingham, UK. September 19, 2000 - Mariner Networks Europe, a subsidiary of Odetics, Inc. (NASDAQ:ODETA & ODETB), today announced the general availability across Europe of the DEXTER 3000 high-performance, multiservice, scalable access concentrator based on Mariner Networks’ proprietary eXpedite technology.

The DEXTER 3000 functionality and flexibility are unprecedented. Designed with a 3-slot chassis and various network and user modules, the DEXTER 3000 can be configured with any of the following ATM interfaces: T1/E1 IMA, DS-3, E3, and fiber-optic STM1 and OC-3, plus a 10BaseT Ethernet interface for connections to local Ethernet hubs or switches.

Developed to achieve wire-speed bridging, routing, and interworking utilising Mariner Networks’ proprietary eXpedite architecture, the DEXTER 3000...

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