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Most UK homes still rely on Victorian copper phone lines for broadband delivery. This historic infrastructure is the main reason why the UK trails behind many other countries in the broadband speed league. According to Global speed index results, the UK is ranked 47th with an average broadband speed of 81.07Mbps. Thailand currently has the fastest broadband connection with an average speed of 308.35Mbps, Romania is 4th with 190.60Mbps and France 8th with 178.87Mbps.

As more people switch to remote working and with growing opportunities to stream 4K TV, faster and more reliable infrastructure is desperately needed in the UK.

UK Broadband provision

Openreach holds the largest share of the UK’s broadband infrastructure, with a network that’s available to 31.8 million premises. The availability of full fibre broadband continues to increase at a rapid pace,...

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