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Feminine SuperPowers

Feminine SuperPowers Press Preview
The Corinthia Hotel, London 24/1/18

What: A taster of the Feminine SuperPowers (FSP) signature one day event.
(Next event February 3rd 2018)

A female empowerment movement (FEM) dedicated to igniting women globally. Founded by three women trailblazing the rise of the feminine feminist, redefining feminism in 2018 the year of the woman.

Aim of the event: To Inspire women to stand up, show up and speak up, smashing their individual glass ceilings to affect massive personal change. Feminine SuperPowers offers unique specialist tools and takeaways to empower themselves on their terms.

Who: Michelle Zelli – Ultimate leading edge psycho-spiritual coach.
Cat Raincock – Leading self esteem coach and...

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