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Nutrilite Kids Immunity Support Plus

The World’s #1 selling Vitamin and Dietary supplement brand* Nutrilite™ has launched Nutrilite™ Kids Immunity Support Plus; the first 4-in-1 children’s product among leading global vitamin brands with vitamin D for immunity support, vitamin C, Zinc and Bifidobacterium lactic acid producing bacteria that comes as a fast-melting powder**.

Children’s immune systems are not fully developed until around the age of 10; a recent study*** conducted by Amway and Kantar research among mums who have children aged 1-12, showed that boosting immunity is ranked second only after balanced nutrition, with 49% of the Mum’s saying that the top priority for their child was boosting their immune system.

Developed for children from the age of four years upward, Nutrilite Kids Immunity Support Plus comes In handy stick packs which are convenient, and easy to use on the go. The fast melting, pleasant tasting powder can be put directly on to the tongue or mixed with cold food...

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