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Dr David Lewis & the fomula for richness

Scientists have cracked a code that has eluded mankind for millions of years – how to become ‘rich.’

Anchor Cheddar tasked scientists with creating the formula for ‘true richness’, to understand what factors play the greatest role in a rich and fulfilled life – and money has very little to do with it.

Two thousand people were interviewed about their attitudes towards life and contentment, coupled with factual information such as occupation, income, family status and hometown, with the results being mapped on a ‘richness scale’ of happiness and fulfilment.

Those working in fishing and forestry were found to lead richer lives than those in business and financial operations and people earning less than £35,000 a year actually outstripped high earners of up to £200,000 in terms of richness and fulfilment.

The full formula can be found in the attached image: "Anchor Cheddar formula for richness"

The variables...

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