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BBC Series - The Customer is Always Righ

We are looking for entrepreneurs & start-ups to apply now!
Do you have a new consumer product which solves a problem?
Would you like some invaluable customer testing & feedback?

BBC's series; 'The Customer is Always Right' is back! From start-ups and prototypes, to products that are newly on the market, we’re looking for entrepreneurs and inventors from all over the UK to showcase their work to a larger market and crucial customer testing. The submitted product should be for the consumer market, for general public use in their homes/ cars/ commute etc. and will ideally be tangible and testable. Please note we are unable to feature service based businesses.

Each episode of The Customer Is Always Right will feature three entrepreneurs, with audiences hearing about the inspiration behind their creation and the sacrifices they had to make in getting their dream item funded and brought to market.

Crucially, their new products...

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