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Cosmetic Surgery Boom: BAAPS National Audit Reveals 102% Rise in Procedures during 2022

BAAPS Cosmetic Surgery Audit 2022

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (The BAAPS)– the UK’s only organisation solely dedicated to advancing safety, innovation, and excellence in cosmetic surgery – has released its annual audit.

According to the new figures, 31,057 cosmetic procedures took place in 2022, up 102% from the previous year. Figures were expected to rise post pandemic due to pent up demand, however the numbers are higher than they were pre pandemic. In fact, 2022 saw the highest annual rise in procedures since the audit began in 2004.

Women underwent 93% of all cosmetic procedures recorded in 2022, a rise of 101% from 2021. The five most popular procedures for women were breast augmentation (up 66%), breast reduction (up 120%), abdominoplasty, also known as the tummy tuck (up 130%), liposuction (up 134%) and blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery (up 70%).

Men made up 7% of all cosmetic surgery procedures a rise of 118% from 2021. The five most popular procedures among men were rhinoplasty (up 45%), chest reduction (up 158%), blepharoplasty (up 105%), liposuction (up 150%) and octoplasty, ear correction, up 72%.

BAAPS President Marc Pacifico said:
“The 2022 BAAPS audit shows that demand for cosmetic surgery has more than bounced back post pandemic. Economic uncertainty and a decrease in overall consumer spending does not seem to the deterring patients from having cosmetic surgery. People are choosing to spend on treatments with a proven track-record of safety and which deliver reliable, long-lasting, and natural results.”

BAAPS Vice President Nora Nugent also commented:
“The increase in procedures like breast reductions indicate that people are being influenced by wellness and improving the quality of their lives. Cosmetic surgery, when performed safely by a qualified plastic surgeon, has a hugely positive psychological impact. Many procedures such as breast reduction or abdominoplasty also carry physical benefits. Looking internationally, this increase in cosmetic procedures is replicated across the world and appears to be sustained even in economic uncertainty.”

Former BAAPS President Rajiv Grover, who compiles the audit on an annual basis, commented:
“We are seeing the effects of the pandemic causing pent up demand which partially explains the rise. However, 2022 saw the largest annual increase in procedures since the audit began in 2004 with numbers exceeding pre-pandemic levels and with the first triple digit rise of 102% ever recorded. During the same period, social media became a powerful tool to connect and inform the public. Knowledge of Plastic Surgery has traditionally been through word of mouth, but this has now risen exponentially through digital word of mouth via Instagram. People are now seeing first-hand the transformational effects of cosmetic surgery on both physical and psychological wellbeing through the testimonies of real people. These audit figures underline the fact that the public are choosing tried and tested surgical methods such as facelifting where they can see transformational outcomes with genuine longevity rather than the magical-sounding quick fixes that give questionable results which are often here today and gone tomorrow.”

According to President Marc Pacifico;

“The number of procedures undergone by both men and women has increased in impressive numbers, but it is important to weigh up the risks versus the benefits. It is imperative that people select appropriately trained and qualified surgeons. At the BAAPS we continue in our mission to promote public education and safety in aesthetic plastic surgery.”

The Figures in full
The top surgical procedures for men & women in 2022 (Total 31,057. A rise of 102% from 2021)
Figures in order of popularity:
Breast augmentation: 6,707 - up 67 % from last year
Breast Reduction: 5,613 – up 122%
Abdominoplasty: 3,413 – up 129%
Liposuction: 3,002 - up 135%
Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery): 2,778 – up 74%
Rhinoplasty: 2,220 – up 67%
Face/Neck Lift: 1,772 – up 97%
Fat Transfer: 1,587 – up 35%
Breast Implant Removal: 1,008 – up 79%
Labiaplasty: 907
Otoplasty (ear correction): 783 – up 67%
Brachioplasty: 439 – up 139%
Browlift: 400 – up 163%
Thigh Lift: 261 – up 139%
Lower Body Lift: 167 – up 104%

The top surgical procedures for women in 2022 (28,769 total. A rise of 101% from 2021). Women had 93% of all cosmetic procedures in 2022.
Top ten figures for women in order of popularity:
Breast augmentation: 6,640 – up 66%
Breast Reduction: 5,270 – up 120%
Abdominoplasty: 3,241 – up 130%
Liposuction: 2,669 – up 134%
Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery): 2,439 – up 70%
Rhinoplasty: 1,832 – up 72%
Face/Neck Lift: 1,640 – up 92%
Fat Transfer: 1,491 – up 128%
Breast Implants Removal 996 – up 70%
Labiaplasty: 907
Otoplasty (ear correction): 532 – up 65%
Brachioplasty: 421 – up 137%
Browlift: 314 – up 140%
Thigh Lift: 240 – up 129%
Lower Body Lift 137 – up 90%

The top surgical procedures for men in 2022 (2,325 total. A rise of 121% from 2021). Men had 7% of all cosmetic procedures in 2022.
Top ten figures for men in order of popularity:
Rhinoplasty 388 – up 45%
Chest Reduction: 343 – up 158%
Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery): 339 – up 105%
Liposuction: 333 – up 150%
Otoplasty (ear correction): 251 – up 72%
Abdominoplasty: 172 – up 121%
Face/Neck Lift: 132 – up 181%
Fat Transfer: 96 – up 336%
Brow lifts: 86 – up 310%
Breast augmentation: 67
Lower Body Lift: 30 – up 200%
Thigh Lift: 21
Brachioplasty: 18 – up 200%
Breast Implant Removal 12 – up 100%

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