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Sustainable Beachwear brand Randy Cow secures two investments in business TV programme

On the 22nd February Surrey-based founder of Randy Cow, Dave Weller stepped into the famous Den. Dave stepped out with big-hitters Peter Jones and Touker Suleyman both offering investment in the quirky brand. Peter Jones was first to make an offer, suggesting that it would be a journey best taken with both him and Touker Suleyman, together. Dave countered and finally hands were shook.

Dave explains, “It was a bit of a whirlwind experience from the beginning,through to filming. The Dragons aren’t called Dragons for no reason! They definitely put me through my paces during the experience, and at one point I thought we were not going to get the slightest hint of interest. But out of nowhere I suddenly had two offers from the 2 men which I had hoped to get interest from.”

And on the experience overall, Dave says, “Looking back it was a fun, but definitely stressful experience. The Dragons all have such different personalities and angles of questioning - and there was a lot of crossfire! But behind it all I did get the sense they do wish you the best.”

Following the show Dave is excited for the journey ahead, “It remains to be seen what happens next for Randy Cow, but I’m certainly excited to now have a ‘Dragon Approved’ brand.”

Watch Dave in the den on BBC iPlayer.

Notes to editors

About Randy Cow

Randy Cow is an award winning, sustainable beachwear brand with a cheeky sense of humour and a goal to do good. From products being made from recycled plastics, to funding the removal of plastic from entering our oceans (in partnership with Ocean Co) with every sale of swim shorts, Randy Cow puts the eco agenda high up the priority list. Randy Cow’s flagship products (outisde their stunning designs) are their Waterproof Pocket Swim Shorts, which boost a 100% Waterproof Pocket which will keep its contents safe and dry down to 30m.

Randy Cow have grown in popularity since launching in 2019; being sold in Selfridges, John Lewis, and luxury hotel resorts such as Waldorf Astoria and Ritz Carlton. They have graced the runways at New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week to great accolades and were also branded ‘Style & Substance’ by GQ magazine.

With several awards under their belt from Men’s Swimwear Brand of the Year (Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2022/23) to a renowned 5 Star Luxury Review Award (Luxuria Lifestyle Magazine), Randy Cow’s products are hailed as the “Best Swim Shorts Ever” and their attention to detail and customer service is a “Hidden Gem”. They are certainly here to make a splash.

Randy Cow’s founder, Dave Weller - who insists the brand is an extension of his personality - has big plans for the brand and their image; “We want to be the brand that always brings out a good feeling in people. Whether it’s our great products or charity and eco-helping efforts, but also for how we are with real people and the opportunity to make a difference. To paraphrase a legend: “I don’t know exactly how we will get there, but I guarantee it won’t be boring!”
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