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S-92 photograph by Ned Dawson

Despite the oil industry downturn, recent utilisation figures for the S-92 offshore fleet are currently at 77%, according to a fleet survey released today by Westwood Global Energy Group(Westwood).1 This is in contrast to the Large Helicopter segment which has an overall utilisation rate of just 59%.

Presenting at Helicopter Investor London 2019, Westwood’s Steve Robertson, Director, highlighted the key drivers behind supply and demand over the next five years with a focus on S-92s.

He said;“It’s no surprise that the S-92 remains a favoured helicopter in the market, with operators stressing ‘versatility’ and ‘reliability’ of the unit as key strengths. That said, our findings also show that 25 of the S-92s owned by the top three operators appear not to have flown in the time period we...

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