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Fonix to provide £20 mobile donation mechanic for Comic Relief's Red Nose Day 2017

Fonix has announced that Comic Relief will be using its £20 price point for this year’s bi-annual Red Nose Day campaign.

The campaign will involve Comic Relief introducing a £20 text-to-donate channel alongside the conventional £5 and £10 price points across numerous driver programmes and on the live night itself.

This market-leading £20 mobile donation initiative will be used following Fonix’s successful implementation of the price point for the Children in Need 2016 campaign. This was a UK first, which was met with huge generosity from the public, resulting in a significant increase in mobile donation revenues from the Children in Need 2015 campaign. The 2016 campaign raised £46.6 million, with a record breaking proportion coming from mobile donations.

Comic Relief is one of the most forward-thinking charities in the UK. Their decision to use Fonix’s £20 price point reflects their understanding of how consumers are increasingly trusting mobile donations.

CEO of Fonix, Rob Weisz, said “We are absolutely delighted that Comic Relief has opted for the £20 price point. It is clear that there’s growing trust in mobile, which is the most convenient and effective way of donating.”

Campaign Manager at Comic Relief, Jules Thorne said “We have been so impressed with Fonix’s ambitions to innovate, with proven success across a number of initiatives, which is why we were willing to adopt the £20 price point. We are confident that this will result in an increase in mobile donations, which can only be a good thing.”


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