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New polling by Forefront Market Research has revealed that the U.K’s tourism and leisure industry can expect to enjoy a boost in domestic demand when all lockdown and travel restrictions are fully lifted.

In a nationally representative poll of 1,200 UK residents;

74% agreed that the U.K would be their first choice for a holiday destination this year, when all restrictions are lifted.

81% agreed with the principle that people should holiday in the U.K to support our economy.

This follows a previous poll that showed 59% of people chose the U.K as a holiday destination, when given a choice of countries.

When given a list of destinations, the public chose the UK, followed by Spain, Greece, Italy, France and Ireland.

Michael Hantman, Forefront Operations Director, said:

“As the debate continues around the new quarantine measures introduced by the government, the U.K’s tourism and...

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