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- Over half (56.7%) of Brits choose meat as preferred pizza topping
- Classic ‘Meat’ Pizza most preferred (26.8%)
- Home is where the pizza is, with 70% of UK preferring to eat pizza in the home
- More than 2 in 5 (42%) of Brits eat pizza once a week

10 October 2018 – Despite the collossal growth of Brits choosing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, with over 3.5m choosing a plant-based diet, research by Gousto reveals that the UK still love meat on their pizza. Over half (56.7%) of Brits will choose a meat topped pizza, with over a quarter (26.8%) opting for the ultimate Meat feast. Nearly two in five (18.6%) choose a Pepperoni topping and over one in ten (11.3%) choosing Ham & Pineapple.

Top 8 Pizza Toppings
Classic Meat pizza (26.8%)
Pepperoni (18.6%)
Ham & Pineapple (11.3%)
Vegetarian (8.9%)
Four Cheese (8.7%)
Ham & Mushroom (7.9%)
Cheese & Tomato (6.8%)
Ham & Cheese...

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