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Every year we ask parents to choose the winners of our Tesco Baby Club Awards – and the results might surprise you. More than 10,000 Baby Club members voted for their favourite products, from the tastiest snacks to the gentlest wipes. And what did we discover? Quality matters most – mums and dads want nappies that keep baby dry and the safest slings.

For the first time, we also added toy and blogger categories to the survey – so who came top in our biggest-ever awards?

Facts and stats

• A dry baby is a happy baby. Pampers was the most-loved nappy brand across the board. Why? Because absorbency matters to mums and dads. Over 40% agreed it was the most important factor.

• Quality ingredients are the top priority for parents starting babies on solids, while toddlers voted on taste. Ella’s Kitchen won in three out of four feeding categories – 55% of parents agreed that the quality of ingredients was the reason they choose...

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