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77,000 premises in Wales are not maximising the availability of government grants to access new broadband technology. There have been 1,702 Access Broadband Cymru applications so far in 2021, only 2% of the 79,000 homes and businesses eligible for superfast broadband funding.

A freedom of information request submitted by internet service provider FreeClix, has revealed a lack of awareness of the Access Broadband Cymru scheme available for homes and businesses in Wales. You can see the data in full on this webpage.

In Blaenau Gwent 1,354 properties are without broadband, yet not a single property submitted an application to receive an £800 government grant in 2021. Surprisingly Cardiff has the lowest ratio of applications, with only 0.25% of properties without broadband applying for a grant, meaning 2,672 properties are still...

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