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'Roads Were Not Built For Cars' book exceeds crowd-sourced funding target by 270 percent and is supported by Edmund King, President of the Automobile Association

Author Carlton Reid of Newcastle upon Tyne has a hit book on his hands, and it's not even written yet. His roads history book has already raised GBP11,000 on the crowd-funding website and there's still another 17 days to go before the campaign ends. 'Roads Were Not Built For Cars' originally aimed for funds of GBP4000 on Kickstarter and now has GBP11,070, 270 percent beyond target. Projects on Kickstarter are only funded once a self-imposed target is reached.

Reid is the executive editor of BikeBiz, a bicycle trade magazine, and has been researching his history book for two years.

"I wasn't expecting the book to do so...

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