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The majority of Brits wish they’d known more about their grandparents before they died, with a third unable to recall what their grandparents did for a living, a UK-wide study has found.

Researchers from non-profit life story organisation Augr surveyed 2000 people in a bid to find out how much the nation knows about their families’ past.

The study found that just two in every 10 people know how their grandparents met, with a third admitting they don’t know how their parents met either.

Despite this, 66% of people involved in the study said they would be interested to find out more about their family’s history, and almost half wish they’d kept a diary of their own stories to help to bring the past to life for their family in the future.

Thinking about their own lives, three-quarters of participants involved in the research confided that there are stories...

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