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It was encouraging to see AIM welcome several high growth new arrivals in April 2017 with the market value of AIM creeping ever closer to GBP100bn according to Fundamental Asset Management (FAM), the independent investment management firm specialising in the AIM market

Chris Boxall, co-founder of FAM said:
“At the end of April 2017 there were 967 companies on AIM with the total market value of London’s growth market GBP92.83bn. This compares with the same number at the end of March 2017 when the market value was GBP88.78bn; there were 5 departures and the same number of new arrivals. It was encouraging again to see newcomers match leavers

“A notable departure was Sirius Minerals, the fertilizer development company, which moved onto the Main Market.”

“AIM’s total market value hit a high of GBP108bn in July 2007 with 1,673...

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