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3 Decor Tips For A Luxe And Cosy Christmas

Savoy Marble Table - Christmas - £349.99

Dress up the home for Christmas in 3 easy ways - by using velvet, opulent marble, and DIY place settings for an occasion to remember

Dress up the home for Christmas in 3 easy ways - by using velvet, opulent marble, and DIY place settings for an occasion to remember.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice, shares tips on how to achieve a luxurious and cosy ambience for the Christmas season.

1. Reach for a luscious material like velvet

“Invest in a statement piece like a lush velvet sofa that will continue to impress long after the holidays are over,” says Rebecca. “Velvet is a gorgeously rich and sensual material that instantly evokes a luxurious vibe. And it really shines in a jewel tone like emerald green for a touch of glamour in a modern living room.”

With such a show-stopping sofa, a few simple accents are all that’s needed to cosy up the space. “Add a soft throw to warm up those chilly nights and some cushions for extra comfort. Guests will also look forward to lounging around with the addition of a handy drinks cart,” she adds. “Stock up on favourites like whisky, mulled wine and spiced rum that are great for sipping by the fireplace.”

2. Lighten up a room with opulent white marble

Take Christmas dinner parties up a notch with a bold, beautiful marble dining table that adds a layer of luxury to any setting. “White marble not only brightens up a room, it’s incredibly durable and its beauty will never go out of style,” explains Rebecca. “Smaller homes may want to consider a round table with a central pedestal to free up leg room when gathering over festive meals.”

When it comes to dressing up a table for the holidays, look at little ways to add glitz and shine. “There’s no better time than the Christmas season to accessorise with metallics - use candle holders, napkin rings and even cutlery in gold or brass for glamour and warmth.

A fresh green wreath as a table centrepiece sets the tone and is a beautiful contrast against metal finishings and creamy marble.”

3. DIY personalised place settings for a memorable party

Finally, DIY personalised place settings with guests’ names or photos, as fun décor touches that also show you care. “Luxury is in the little details. Print photos of each guest to be used as part of their gift wrap, or make a simple name display for individual place settings - they’re sure to be remembered and appreciated,” says Rebecca.

For those who prefer using natural elements, tie sprigs of holly with ribbon or scatter a few pine cones to create a festive and elegant setting. “This season is about enjoying the holidays, spending time with loved ones, and revelling in all the merry, festive vibes that come with it,” says Rebecca. “Remember to have fun while preparing your home, too!”


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