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4 Yellow Home Decor Tips For Spring 2020

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Employ colour blocking techniques on opposing walls and entrance features for a modern twist. The bold contrast is playful and welcoming

Yellow is vibrant, evokes creativity and perfectly embodies the freshness of spring.
Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at, shares 4 ways to decorate your home with the golden hue.

1. Use yellow in a home office to boost creativity

This spring, add pops of yellow in a home office as the happy hue helps boost creativity and positivity. Brighter options like canary or daffodil yellow lighten the look while imbuing energy and freshness into the work setting. Keep the palette simple with white wooden furniture and neutral accessories - oak brings warmth and balances a bold yellow beautifully.

“As far as an accent colour goes, yellow is a vivid choice that isn't too daring or distracting,” she says. “Layer different tones of yellow for depth and to create a curated look.” A home office is inviting when the ambience is conducive with fresh air, which can easily be achieved with some plants.

2. Accent a neutral bedroom with an earthy yellow

Draw inspiration from the outdoors by complementing a neutral bedroom with pops of mustard yellow. “The contemporary shade stands out against colours like white, soft grey, and oak while drawing out their warm undertones. Its earthy characteristic evokes warmth to create a cosy feel in the bedroom, while its vibrancy demonstrates the home owner’s confidence in styling their space with a bold colour,” says Rebecca.

Maintain clean, clutter-free surfaces and utilise accessories with little to no print for an airy and stress-free environment. “Fresh flowers and scent diffusers by the bedside are lovely, minimal accessories that give a sense of homeliness and relaxation,” she says.

3. Pair yellow with Pantone Classic Blue for an inviting dining space

On the walls, a bright butter yellow goes well with Classic Blue, the 2020 Pantone colour of the year, to transform a dining room into an inviting space. “Employ colour blocking techniques on opposing walls and entrance features for a modern twist. The bold contrast is playful and welcoming - helpful for inducing casual conversations and great for a family-friendly setting,” advises Rebecca. “This statement combination would benefit from natural daylight streaming in - to make the colours pop and brighten the overall setting.”

As with any interior scheme, achieve colour coherence across the room by reflecting the same primary yellow and blue tones through decor pieces. Lighten the palette with white wood floorboards that also act as a grounding element in the colourful scene. Meanwhile, green plants offer respite and a soothing ambience as a finishing touch.

4. Add yellow to warm up a kid’s bedroom

An energetic hue like pineapple yellow is good for a kids bedroom as it sets a fun and educational tone. The gender neutral colour fosters enthusiasm and positivity while adding cosiness through texturally rich accessories like a linen throw and cotton pillows. To help with symmetry in a yellow doored bedroom, hang up artwork with pops of a similar yellow.

Keep the remaining furnishing fairly neutral. A cool light grey is the perfect wall colour that softens the overall look and balances the warmth of the yellow. As for accessorising the room, “White wooden furniture are brilliantly versatile. They can be modern or contemporary yet still work in a traditional setting and have the effect of warming up a space,” Rebecca says. “Spring is a good time to experiment with yellow in the home; to provide comfort and cosiness in the last few chilly days while being perfectly in line for a brighter backdrop come summer.”


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