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How to Have a Chic Blue Christmas at Home

FC Hampton Blue Christmas

why blue is the colour of the season and how to welcome it into the home this Christmas

Move away from the usual hues of red and green, and celebrate Christmas with the Pantone Colour of the Year instead: Classic Blue. An elegant, confident shade, it pairs wonderfully with luxe pops of white and gold for a calm, sophisticated look.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at, explains why blue is the colour of the season and how to welcome it into the home this Christmas.

1. Anchor the room with colour

Choosing a colour and theme for Christmas decor creates a cohesive, intentional feel, which is important this time of year, when planning and buying new items can be a dizzying experience.

Classic Blue is a strong choice since it can easily make a memorable statement, but also has traditional, elegant roots - perfect for this season.

“An easy way to introduce this rich shade of blue to the home is with a feature wall, which also offers a quick, impermanent transformation to any room,” advises Rebecca. “But for more wow factor, a centrepiece such as a beautiful velvet sofa or armchair would really do the trick. Once you have your mainstays in place, you can experiment with other colours and additions. Blue and white is a timeless pairing for a clean and cosy feel, especially when you add warm knits and rugs.”

2. Embrace luxury with pops of gold and silver

Christmas wouldn’t feel right without a little dazzle, and Classic Blue offers a wonderful palette for metallic accents and finishes. Its understated quality means it is difficult to go overboard, while also being bold enough to not get overshadowed.

“Introducing gold and silver tones into the home immediately evokes festive cheer and a moody, neutral backdrop allows these finishes to really shine,” says Rebecca. “For instance, a sculptural silver dining table, or a velvet sofa are luxurious, daring choices, and look especially beautiful against a dark blue wall.”

However, there are also smaller, but no less impactful ways to introduce shine into a room. “Being thoughtful about decor is a really important way to tie a look together, especially when working with a theme,” Rebecca explains. “Lamps, Christmas baubles, and even candlestick holders and Christmas crackers in gold or silver can all be fun, meaningful ways to have little pops of opulence for the season.”

3. Personalise with DIY decor

Part of the joy of choosing a specific colour for Christmas decorations is in being able to customise the look and feel to one’s home for a more individual style. One way to do that is through personalised, DIY decor.

“DIY projects come in all shapes and sizes, and some begin from scratch - but a great option is to take what you can find in the stores and give it your own spin,” advises Rebecca. “Adding your favourite leaves and flowers to a simple hoop, which can be found in a craft store, is a lovely project. It’s a simple, yet beautiful centrepiece that comes together quickly, and evokes nature, adding greenery against a blue wall.”


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