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• Half of countries researched operate the low emission zone (LEZ) all year-round including Austria, Belgium, Germany and UK (where they are known as ULEZ)
• Fines or penalty charges for driving through low emission zones range from €45 (£38) in Spain to €2,180 (£1,863) in Austria
• 11 new low emission zones planned for the UK in 2022 including Manchester, Oxford and Bristol

Airport Parking & Hotels (, award-winning airport parking operator, is helping travellers planning a European road trip this Summer avoid unwanted fines or penalty charges by comparing the new rules for driving in Low Emission Zones across eight of the most popular European cities. More than 200 cities across 15 countries now operate low emission zones (LEZ)*, restricting vehicles with higher emissions from entering unless a fee is paid, or the vehicle is pre-registered with the necessary authority.’s research is available at Read full release

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