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Christen Ager-Hanssen, whose Custos Group is the largest shareholder in Johnston Press, has announced that he has secured the valuable support of former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond in his quest to revive the ailing company under a fresh strategic direction.

Mr Salmond joins one of Britain’s most experienced newspaper executives – Steve Auckland – to help realise Mr Ager-Hanssen’s bold vision for a transformed newspaper group. Both will become key members of Johnston Press’s proposed new management team under Mr Ager-Hanssen’s guidance.

Mr Ager-Hanssen said: “Alex and I are agreed about the new direction we need to take to save Johnston Press, reinvigorate its staff and transform the company into a digital media powerhouse. We are committed to a new direction for the company which we believe will protect and enhance its future and provide it with real leadership. We’ll be working in the interests of shareholders, staff, pensioners and the...

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