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Approximately two years ago, a new Trustee was appointed to Aras Kargo by the courts as a result of disputes between the Aras Family and Austrian Post Office.

At the basis of the dispute between the shareholders was the claim of investments aimed at the growth of the company not being made, the value of the company being intentionally lowered by Austrian Post Office, and an attempt at wearing down Aras Kargo. As a result of the views sent by shareholders to the Trustee within this scope, Hikmet Nuri Bulduk was appointed as General Director of Aras Kargo on 2 June 2017.

Hikmet Nuri Bulduk is known for his closeness to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The appointment of Bulduk, known as one of the closest names to Erdogan, as General Director to Aras Kargo is considered to be a sign that Ankara is closely involved in the dispute among the partners.

1967 born Hikmet Nuri Bulduk, served as principal clerk during the 59th government period...

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