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brainsparker app - boost your creativity

Brainsparker is an exciting new creativity app for the iPhone and iPad that helps spark your imagination, trigger new ideas and solve problems that crop up in your daily life, at work and with your creative projects.

Brainsparker is great to use when you’re facing a challenge or have a dream and you feel stuck or need a boost of inspiration.

To get your creative juices flowing, simply pick a random brainsparker from a collection of 52 words, quotes, images, actions and questions and you’ll be amazed at all the fresh new ideas you can generate.

Brainsparker is easy to use, fun and free!
- Pick from a collection of 52 random sparks
- Mix words, quotes, images, actions and questions
- Shake to shuffle and tap to pick
- Schedule a daily brainsparker
- Share with friends and colleagues
- Have fun using it by yourself and in groups
- Enjoy the basic version for free (no adverts!)

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