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The Burlington Gallery, Old Town, Bridlington, holds a 2 month exhibition of local artist, Gail Miller's work starting on 5th December and running through till the end of January 2006. Gail describes her work as 'A visual feast of colour and fun' - and it certainly is a little different from the usual watercolour coastal and harbour scenes you come to expect from this sleepy seaside town. "I stand out as a bit of an oddball with my style of artwork" says Gail. "The majority of local artists tend to paint land and sea scapes."

Gail works in acrylic and pen predominantly and her subjects include funky sea creatures (and other animals), bold florals, way out abstracts and sinuous colourful nudes. Her paintings adorn the walls of such far flung places as Australia, Bahrain, the US and many other countries. The internet has enabled Gail to reach buyers all over the world as she sells, and gets many private commissions from people visiting her website at Read full release