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LONDON (October 19, 2020) Birthed in 2017 as a platform to showcase and spotlight Queer, South Asian groups, organisations and events online, GAYSIANS is the creation of Reeta Loi; award-winning activist, writer, music artist, one of Forbes 100 Women Founders and Contributing Editor for GAYTIMES. Reeta is also a Reporter for VICE and recently uncovered a gay marriage scam in India.

After disownment from her own family due to her sexuality and without access to community, culture or stories like her own, Reeta has spearheaded GAYSIANS globally as a movement to provide positive visibility and a united voice for LGBT+ South Asians, an over-looked and under-funded group of vulnerable people. Her platform is the first of its kind to provide South Asian LGBT+ people much needed access to support and community across the UK. Reeta was also instrumental in lobbying for repeal of Section 377, legislation that criminalised homosexuality in India. She has been listed in the...

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