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2 for 1 Personalised Valentine’s Day cards from for those who need to buy more than 1 card this year!

Background: Last year we noticed that a surprisingly large number of our customers bought more than one Valentine’s Day card. Between the 1st and the 11th of February 2019, at least 100 of our orders contained more than 1 Valentine’s Day card. Around 10 orders even included 3 or 4 cards! That got us wondering…maybe our customers are Casanovas with more than one lover in tow, or maybe they just wanted an extra card for a child, pet or family member so we have launched an offer for the lovers this Valentine's Day: 2 for 1 Valentine’s Day cards.

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, and with so much love to give, we thought we’d make it easy for everyone to spread the love. We’re calling all males and females who enjoy 2 x the fun and need to buy more than 1 card this Valentine’s Day (don’t worry, we don’t judge!).
We’re offering 2...

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