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They say the British empire was built on cups of tea, however, as a nation, we will endure 9,828 disappointing cups in our lifetime, according to a new survey.

Researchers from Clipper Teas undertook a nationwide study into our tea drinking habits and revealed we drink an average of 28 cups a week, but according to the poll, at least THREE of those are truly disappointing.

Half of those polled said they have had to complain to a partner, friend or work colleague about their lack of brew making efforts, with three in ten claiming they feel genuinely insulted by a poor cup of tea.

In fact, three quarters felt that the way in which a person makes your tea is a solid indication of how well they really know you.

And it is our work colleagues who are most likely to serve a cup that is below par, however four in ten said they are too petrified to confront their boss over bad tea and 20 percent do not...

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