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Global Mobility Survey

The Global Mobility Survey 2015 Report was released this week highlighting how HR and in-house Global Mobility professionals need to move from cost cutting to demonstrating the Return on Investment and value their functions deliver to their organisations. The authors of the survey have released an infographic illustrating the strategies used by 1,282 companies across 74 countries.

With 53.5 per cent of companies feeling obliged to focus on reducing overall Global Mobility costs rather than improving their return on investment, the Global Mobility Survey 2015 highlights the need for HR and in-house Global Mobility professionals to focus on demonstrating the value they generate for their companies. The annual Report also identifies some interesting and potentially surprising truths. For example, 49.7 per cent of companies surveyed never measure ROI on their assignments. The Report provides insight into the underlying cause and the solutions that may be achieved. Visit...

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