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We hate to be the harbingers of doom but, sadly, the epic summer the UK has basked in cannot last forever. As schools prepare for a new academic year and we count down to the clocks going back, we will soon be swapping the shorts and T-shirts for jumpers and coats, and wondering if it is chilly enough to sneak the central heating on.

This is also the time of year when we should be thinking about checking that our boiler is in good working order ahead of the hard work it has in store over winter. After months of inactivity, firing up the central heating again can put a considerable strain on boilers. If there are any underlying mechanical faults, the initial rude awakening from its summer slumbers is often when problems reveal themselves.

Having your boiler conk out that first time it drops cold, leaving you sat shivering in your own home, is not a pleasant experience. It is far better to check for any potential problems in advance so, when it comes to...

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