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Manchester, 29th April 2015 – With the election less than two weeks away the debates are heating up and the parties are becoming more frenetic with their promises and allegations of other parties’ failings. Through this haze of noise, the NHS has emerged as one of the most hotly debated topics.

• All of the main political parties plan to increase funding for the NHS by a minimum of £8 billion, above inflation.
• All but two of the main political parties have neglected to state how they will raise the extra funds for the NHS in their election manifestos.
• Removing middle management and de-politicising the NHS are two of the most cited motivations for improvements discovered in the GoToJobBoard survey.

Fears of further privatisation and the cutting of essential public services have been the main points of concern, so it stands to reason that each party has focussed on the NHS as one of their main campaign drivers. With the NHS a...

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