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Go Vegan World on the London Underground

Go Vegan World is running a massive campaign across Ireland and the UK during Christmas and the New Year. It features over 2000 innovative ads that encourage people who are not yet vegan to consider becoming vegan as a way of living that protects the rights of other animals.

Commenting on the campaign, Founder and Director of Go Vegan World, Sandra Higgins, states:

It is important at the outset to define veganism as a way of living that protects the rights of other sentient animals. Other animals share our capacity for physical and psychological feelings. They have brains that enable them to be aware of themselves and their world. Therefore, in recognition of these facts, they share our fundamental rights not to be owned, used, harmed or killed.

Christmas is traditionally a time of good will, generosity and concern for the less fortunate and the oppressed. Our oppression of other animals goes unnoticed for the most part simply because...

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