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The fashion industry might talk the talk when it comes to diversity but where’s the affirmative action? Join Rebecca Weef Smith as she takes inclusivity into her own hands.

Are catwalk shows truly representative? Do fashion ads feature models like you? No, nor us. Chances are if you’re a person of colour, over 40, a plus size, disabled or non-binary then fashion won’t reflect you. In 2019 that can’t be right. Yet many in the industry feel that the diversity question has been resolved. Is this complacency? Or a slap in the face for progression? Either way, magazine editor, Rebecca Weef Smith is on a mission to turn the debate on its head and show the industry what inclusivity really looks like. But she needs support.

Smith hopes to raise £2,000 to launch the first-ever celebration of diversity in fashion which will be held on Sunday 17th February, coinciding with London Fashion Week. While not a criticism of the fashion industry, the aim is to encourage...

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