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TEDxVerbier First Ever Event-The Context of Connectivity

The first edition of TEDxVerbier, The Context of Connectivity, will be hosted in the Swiss Alps, on 3 September, 2022. An entertaining evening of new ideas, high production values and concepts with the power to create positive change in the world – confirmed speakers so far include: Erik Bethel, Geraldine Fasnacht, Bear Grylls, Professor Daphna Joel, Rowena Samarasinhe and Tim Smith – further speakers to be announced.

Charles Taylor, TEDxVerbier organiser, said: “We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of TEDxVerbier, a non-profit with a mission to establish a series of events in Verbier to spread ideas which have the power to create good. The vehicle for this will be engaging and entertaining general interest conferences presented in the TED format with high production values. At the heart of the vision are our world-renowned speakers, each a global leader in their field.

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