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Weirdest Things Left in Wills

An axe, a stuffed snake and a tortoise are not the weirdest things people have been left in wills, reveals a new research study of 2,000 UK residents conducted by independent market research firm Danebury Research on behalf of legal technology company, Estatesearch. The survey, designed to find out more about estate planning, found people had inherited various quirky items from a horse, to a bed, to a Victorian trumpet. However, the weirdest items included: one sock and one shoe, my father’s spade and “my granny’s false teeth”!

Ben Furlong, Customer Services Director, Estatesearch confirms: “Much of our work is about supporting clients in identifying the full extent of a person's estate, in a bereavement or loss of mental capacity case. This was a serious study to ascertain how easily people can locate or already know the whereabouts of assets like life insurance, pensions, savings, premium bonds and share certificates. It revealed that 30% of people can’t easily...

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