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Jessica Saunders case study

Case Study: Jessica Saunders (Games Sound Designer)

Inspired by her fascination with sound as a child - together with a love of music and video games - Jessica Saunders decided to pursue a career in sound design.

After graduating with a degree in Creative Music Technology from Bath Spa University in 2010, Jessica quickly went on to achieve success on an international stage, winning a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit Award in 2015 for her role as sound designer on Batman: Arkham Knight – a game that won numerous awards for its audio including a TIGA, and was the fastest selling game of 2015.

After working on projects with Lionhead Studios, Rare, Splash Damage and Rocksteady, Jessica went on to set up her own company, Salix Games, in 2016, which will release its debut title Dance of Death later this year.

She is now using her own success to inspire and encourage other young women to consider a career in the gaming industry,...

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