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Grayns TORC 1.9 Health Cooker

The Grayns TORC 1.9 is the world's first and only cooker to take the sugar out of rice and other solid starch staples.

Sugar disease is the sickness of modern society. Whilst commonly understood that junk food and drink and other convenience foods are often high in sugar, fewer people are aware of the health risks of rapidly dissolving starch present in staple foods such as rice. High GI foods like white rice contain a high amylopectin (rapid dissolving starch) to amylose (slow dissolving stach) ratio causing spikes in blood sugar and other effects that may contribute to diabetes, obesity and heart disease. The Grayns cooking method debonds and removes much of the amylopectin whilst leaving the valued amylose intact resulting in lower GI cooked rice ideal for diabetics or those managing their weight through diet.

Grayns UK is initially targeting diabetics and the Asian community as they are "high-risk" starch consumers with product ready to ship at...

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