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Examples of BSS Branded Merchandise

BSS, the largest UK distributor of pipelines and heating solutions, has recently partnered with JDR Branding Ltd in order to streamline their branded merchandise and clothing purchasing process. By leveraging the power of bulk buying, they are able to reduce costs while enjoying uniformity in both price and quality. Through this new partnership BSS can now purchase and stock items much more efficiently through the use of an online portal for easy navigation, accurate reporting, and real-time inventory checks.

In the past, teams throughout the UK were purchasing various items from multiple suppliers resulting in product variations in cost and quality. The Marketing team at BSS wanted to find a way to centralise this process and make it easier for everyone involved. After being posed with this challenge during a scheduled catch-up meeting, JDR Brandling Ltd quickly worked to create a bespoke system that could meet all of BSS’s requirements.

An online...

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