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A new technology could be at the centre of getting much needed dental practices back to work. Novaerus, is a portable unit that disinfects the air in the room where it is placed, reducing the amount of airborne bioburden including harmful pathogens and bacteria.

Currently dentists are closed with provision for patients with only the most urgent needs.
The system works in three easy steps
1. Place the unit in any room and turn it on.
2. Air is drawn in by the internal fan, where contaminants are rapidly and safely destroyed at DNA level by a patented, ultra-low energy plasma technology.
3. Clean air, free of all harmful contaminants, is then returned to the room.

Novaerus reduces the levels of airborne pathogens, in turn reducing surface bacteria, infections and odours, making dental working environments much safer for clinicians and patients.

The technology has been independently tested to reduce MS2...

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