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Tony and Steph Receiving Their Reward

Two senior team members who have dedicated 25 years of their lives to working at Hull and Scunthorpe-based IT and software provider, HBP Systems, have been honoured for their service.

Tony Pearson, The HBP Group's Chief Service Delivery Officer, and Steph Pogson, Senior Solutions Consultant, have been presented with a Disney cruise as their long-service award, to be enjoyed as a family.

The “dedicated and passionate” employees began their journeys in 1998 in the firm's support and finance teams, quickly becoming integral parts of the team, before working their way up to their senior positions.

Tony and Steph have not only grown together in their careers at the firm but alongside one another in their personal lives over the last 17 years; Tony and Steph are set to be married this year and welcomed their first child together in 2022.

Tony said of the achievement: "25 years feels like a blink of an eye! It's been an...

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