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In 2016 Phil Denham of The HBP Group cycled across Scunthorpe and Hull with a rucksack full of technology scanning WiFi networks in order to understand the levels of security that were in place. The results were shocking, with 73% of WiFi networks picked up were using outdated or insecure levels of security.

Five years on The HBP Group have repeated the survey and seen a significant shift in the results with just over a third of networks now showing potential issues.

“The results are very encouraging,” explained Phil, “and even though there are still some networks using older technology there are instances where this isn’t a huge problem. What we were trying to do with our first survey was highlight any insecure WiFi networks that were part of a larger IT network could cause a security risk as they can be easy to hack if you know what you’re doing.”

“If the WiFi network is separate to any company data, or is left open for other genuine...

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