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Hull and Scunthorpe Based IT Experts Add 10 New Faces in 6 Months

The HBP Group leadership team

Local IT Experts Add 10 New Faces in 6 Months
The HBP Group have cemented their place as one of the leading IT companies in the UK over recent years with a series of industry awards, continued financial growth and, after a challenging couple of years are now backing that up with a significant investment in their team.

The IT experts who have offices in both Scunthorpe and Hessle, near Hull, as well as in Peterborough have added ten new members of staff in the last six months, with another two due to start shortly and plans to add three more before the year ends.

The growth in staff has primarily affected the IT Support and IT implementations teams where HBP has seen the majority of its growth, but by adding a new ERP and accounting software package in the form of Microsoft Dynamics 365 just over a year ago, new roles have also been created to support this in our software implementation, software support, marketing and administration teams.

Like all companies, HBP Systems have had to weather the storm of COVID but Phil Denham, Commercial Director at HBP, believes they are now back into growth mode,

“We did unfortunately have to stop our growth ambitions during COVID, out of caution more than anything, but luckily we didn’t lose any customers during that time and actually managed to bring many more new customers on board than we ever could have expected.”

“It’s great to be back in a position where we can start employing people again and the fact that it’s being driven by the amount of work we have coming through the door is a fantastic position to be in.”

The HBP Group have made a commitment to keep both of their offices open and, whilst offering flexible options to their staff, still have the ambition to keep staff coming into the office whenever they can.

Joanne Dixon, Managing Director of HBP, is a keen advocate of bringing teams together in person,

“I think lockdown affected us all in different ways and whilst everyone is different, we’ve seen that people get huge benefits from being around their colleagues in the office, both personally and professionally. We build our whole business strategy around making HBP a great place to work and although there is a place for flexibility, our offices are an absolutely critical part of that.”

The additional growth at The HBP Group has coincided with a big change in the IT industry which has led to more “managed services” being provided in the IT industry, something that Phil Denham explained was good for everyone,

“The term ‘managed services’ is basically a way of packaging up proactive and reactive IT support, but with a huge focus on the proactive side of things, which we’re seeing more and more companies becoming receptive to. The idea is to stop IT issues happening in the first place, rather than fixing them once they’ve broken, so many of the new people we’ve brought into the company will be doing exactly that.”

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