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Hard water affects 17m UK households and could be adding £500 or more to their annual energy bills, with an additional £500 per year being spent on unnecessary detergents and cleaning products.

Fitting a sustainable water conditioner to your home’s water supply could save you up to 25% on your energy bills at today’s prices, and when prices rise again October you could save even more.

How does hard water affect my energy bills?

Households supplied with hard water suffer from limescale build-up on appliances, fixtures and fittings. While those living in a hard water area are likely to notice limescale build-up in the kettle and on taps, it’s harder to detect harmful limescale deposits in the washing machine, dishwasher and boiler. It’s the limescale in these appliances, especially the boiler, that has the biggest impact on energy bills, causing them to be at least 25% higher than necessary.

Limescale build-up reduces the...

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