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With mortgage rates rising and inflation high, many people are wondering what can be done to reduce their household bills. For 60% of the UK, there is a little known trick which can reduce energy bills immediately and for the next 30+ years, and it comes down to solving one simple problem in the home: hard water. Hard water affects millions of homes in the UK and while you may not think it has any effect on your energy consumption, it does.

For many, the limescale caused by hard water is simply an irritation and another minor issue in the home. Dealing with blocked shower heads, unsightly scale on your taps and in your kettle, and cleaning soap scum are relatively low on most people’s list of priorities – particularly when many of us are dealing with escalating prices and inflation. However, the by-products of hard water are causing more harm than you could ever imagine, and costing you money in the process.

Treating hard water can save you money in...

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