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Happii Screen Grabs

London, UK: HAPPII, a new UK dating app, promising a highly immersive, interactive and expressive user experience, has launched a pre-registration website for its app that’s set to go live later this year (date tbc).

The new app is aimed at busy professionals that have either been through, or been turned off by, the whole swiping/hook-up experience and are now seeking more fulfilling dates and relationships with like-minded people that share similar values and outlooks on life.

A recent study has concluded that us Brits will waste an estimated 96 million hours and GBP 2bn on 'bad dates' in 2018.

HAPPII Founder and CEO, Darren Newman, says. “I’ve online dated across various platforms, as have friends and colleagues, and it’s always the same experience – identikit profile pages that all look the same, there’s zero individuality and they don’t really offer-up anything of value about those you’re matched with, so you end up wasting a lot of...

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