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Create Your Own Calm for Age 7+

In a world that’s increasingly chaotic and fast-paced, Create your own calm sets kids on a path to becoming emotionally resilient and helps them to take practical, positive steps towards being calm and happy.

From creating a collage and journaling, to unpacking emotions and cloud watching, kids will also learn about the surprising science behind emotions along the way.
Create your own calm is the perfect companion to Create your own happy – empowering children to shape their lives and the lives of others around them.

Author Becky Goddard-Hill is a former social worker and child development trainer. She holds a postgraduate diploma in Psychotherapy and is a certified life coach. She runs 6 blogs, all highly ranked within the UK, on creative family life, supportive communities and emotional wellbeing.

Her podcast, Emotionally Healthy Kids focusses on children’s wellbeing and ways in which we can support their emotional health.

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