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Heart Valve Voice calls for annual stethoscope checks for all over 65s

Survey results show UK lags behind Europe in stethoscope use, a simple step to the early detection of common heart condition

- Heart valve disease is a common and serious condition, often associated with ageing, yet many older British people aren’t aware of it
- Usually the first indication of a problem with the heart valves is a characteristic heart ‘murmur’ which can be heard using a stethoscope
- 1 in 3 of respondents (36.6%) reported never receiving a stethoscope check from their GP, the worst rate in Europe1

LONDON – 14 SEPTEMBER 2020 – New data, released to mark Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week, reveal that the vast majority of older British people (96%) remain unaware of the most common form of heart valve disease, a serious, but treatable condition, and are less likely than their European counterparts to receive a simple initial step...

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