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London, 1 April 2021 – First quarter committed investment for data centers globally has exceeded market expectations and witnessed a series of new fund launches, M&A, new builds, JVs, land acquisition and data center expansion on a scale not seen so far. At the end of the first quarter investment has reached an estimated USD38 billion which already surpasses the total for 2020 according to research by Headwind Consultants. The projection still excludes private deals being made off market.

Although global investment announced by Colony Capital, Google and Starboard (SPAC)/Cyxtera Technologies headlined significantly, the Asia Pacific region garnered around 21 per cent of the total which includes a massive 330k m2 development in northern China by Chindata in collaboration with the Datong Government in the Taihang Mountain Energy and Information Technology Industrial Campus.

Europe follows at almost 19 per cent, but interestingly India ranked as the...

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