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2 July 2019 - Henry Patterson, the teenage founder of children’s brand Not Before Tea and author of business book Young & Mighty, is offering to help other young people launch their own businesses this summer.

Business in a Bag is a starter kit for children and young people from eight to 18 to set up their own pin-badge business. It consists of a bag of enamel pin badges that the would-be entrepreneur buys at wholesale prices and sells on at a profit. The entrepreneurs get advice on how to get started from a dedicated website – and they can also call on free email support from Henry.

“Since the launch of my book Young & Mighty last year, more and more young people are running their own ventures to get extra money or just because they love creating something that is theirs,” explains Henry.

“But there are some people who need a helping hand. Business is a Bag is a great way to find out about running a small business, without worrying about...

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