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THE SUBJECT: Innogy's IT department manages its own IT requirements and various power generators which it also manages. Notable amongst these is Drax power station, the largest coal-fired plant in Europe, which National Power sold in 1999.

THE PROBLEM: Running a three-tier support structure, Innogy's IT division provides complete hardware and application support to these businesses. Gary Green, Infrastructure Support Services Coordinator, is a team leader within the second line support team. "Our role is to handle all IT requirements and solve peoples' problems as quickly and effectively as possible. The users depend on IT to run the business, and so we have to react quickly to any problems."

THE ENVIRONMENT: In the past, National Power was a big user of the then DEC's OpenVMS platform, and today there are still many VAX and Alpha systems running within Innogy and at several of the power stations, including Drax....

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